Recycling FAQ

Q: What companies can benefit from O.W.C.R. services?

A: O.W.C.R. has the resources, staff and expertise to serve organizations with significant investments in IT - such as Fortune 1000 enterprises, governmental entities, and health care organizations - as well as smaller companies and not-for-profits with a pressing need for computer equipment recycling and asset management

Q: We have equipment that is still worth something. How can O.W.C.R. help us?

A: Newer technology equipment (i.e., less than 2-3 years old) will typically have a residual market value. O.W.C.R. will coordinate the resale of this equipment with the objective of maximizing your revenue opportunities.

Q: What types of equipment can O.W.C.R. handle?

A: O.W.C.R. provides asset retirement and computer equipment recycling services for all technology assets - from servers and networks to copiers and test equipment. We’re your single point-of-contact regardless of equipment type or its manufacturer.

Q: What about broken or obsolete equipment?

A: Whether your equipment is older or newer, broken or operable, O.W.C.R. can address all aspects of your asset retirement and computer equipment recycling needs. Many companies are not sure of how to properly dispose of broken and obsolete equipment. We specialize in data destruction and follow regulatory-compliant processes for disposing of older equipment

Q: Can’t we just give old equipment to our employees or donate it to charity?

A: Supporting these types of programs presents complex and ongoing challenges. Simply giving equipment away exposes you to potential information security risks associated with the release of proprietary data and non-transferable software. Moreover, not-for-profit organizations often lack the resources to effectively use the equipment.

Q: What does O.W.C.R. do with the equipment?

A: Many unwanted technology assets still have remaining economic life, so our first priority is to help you obtain value from these assets. Our TCO Recovery™ service is a unique revenue sharing program that ensures you get the maximum return for your equipment. For other assets that hold no remaining value, our extensive asset and computer equipment recycling programs ensure that as many of those assets as possible are recycled. We also provide for ecologically friendly and regulatory-compliant disposal when necessary or donate equipment to non-profit organizations when the equipment fits their needs and integrates well into their existing technology environment.

Q: We just upgraded our systems and networks, but we also have older obsolete equipment. O.W.C.R. handle both?

A: Yes. In fact, most organizations have a mix of equipment with residual market value and equipment with no remaining useful life or value. Our benefit to you is that we can manage all of these assets on your behalf - you don’t need to dedicate resources or storage space for older equipment.

Q: How do we decide which equipment should be disposed of?

A: As your single source for technology asset retirement and computer equipment recycling,O.W.C.R. determines the best method for disposing all of your assets. Our asset inventory service identifies equipment for disposal, and our team of professionals manages the entire process for you. We will even provide you with a Certificate of Destruction certifying that all equipment was handled in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Q: So what are the costs?

A: The costs for disposing of obsolete technology assets and computer equipment recycling can vary greatly. If your technology equipment can still be used in the secondary markets, you may be able to use this value to offset the cost through O.W.C.R’s revenue sharing program. Many organizations will have a combination of technology assets - some with remaining economic life and some that are obsolete and need to be disposed of. O.W.C.R. works with a national network of partners in order to manage the retirement of all of your technology assets - regardless of the type of disposition required.

Should I Replace My Computer?

At On Wheels Computer Repair, we are not shy to suggest that you buy a new computer instead of fixing the old one you have when that is your best move. That seems odd coming from a company that makes its living fixing old machines. After all, if we suggest you replace your machine, we lose a potential service call. But it is our way of building trust with you so that you know when you call us that you are getting good advice.

So, should you replace that old machine? Here is how to know.

When you have a problem with your computer, it is either going to be software or hardware that is failing you. In other words, the issue is going to stem from either a) corruptions in the operating system (from virus’, spy-ware/ad-ware, or general deterioration or, b) in failures of the physical parts of the machine (i.e. failures in the modem, network card, the hard drive, the processor or the motherboard, etc.). Knowing were the problem generally stems from will help you to evaluate this decision.

You also need to know what the replacement cost of your machine is. Chances are if your machine came with Windows 95 pre loaded, it is a good bet that even without looking at a machine like that is too expensive. If it is a Windows 98 or Windows ME era machine, it may be worth working on - depending on what it needs. Generally with software corruptions or virus infected machines that can be cleaned up with a couple of hour’s attention will be worth servicing. If the computer requires a small part, like a network card or a modem or memory then that would be worth doing as well. But, if the motherboard or processor needs to be replaced in almost all cases it will be time to upgrade the machine.

What about my data, my personal information?

If you do decide to buy a new machine, you don’t need to worry about your personal information. In almost all cases, transferring your email, word processing documents, financial data, music, and video files is a breeze. We can often move your entire hard drive of information over to a new machine in less than an hour service call and have you up running on a faster, easier to use machine in no time.

Can you help me to decide?

If you want a free, no hassle evaluation of your machine, just request a service call and a field technician will help with your request. A service call charge will be charged for any onsite evaluations.Your initial consultation with a A-On Wheels Computer Repair Service Manager Is Provided At No Cost Over The Phone. In almost all cases we can help you determine over the phone what a benchmark value for your machine is and what the likely causes of its issues are. It costs nothing and you will gain the knowledge and information you need to make a good decision.

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